What’s an everything file?

An everything file is a cheat sheet for your loved ones, just in case. Catchy name, no? We made it up.

Is an everything file real paper or digital?

Whatever works for you. We’ll send you the prompts. Handwrite your answers on a piece of paper and store them in a filing cabinet. Type & save them in a digital file. The choice is yours. Just make sure they’re in a safe, accessible place.

Is an everything file a legal document?

Nope. Think of it like a cheat sheet for your legal estate planning documents (will, living trust, POA, etc.). Don’t have legal estate planning documents yet? Well then we highly encourage you to have an everything file. It’ll make your legal document prep a gazillion times less overwhelming.

New here? Get an everything file!

A cheat sheet for your loved ones, just in case. Our tiny-bite email prompts make it effortless.

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