Learn how to use your phone’s emergency features

These days, our devices have many features that can be helpful and even lifesaving in an emergency. Get familiar with those features now, just in case.

Apple Emergency SOS

This works for iPhone 14 and later.

If you have it, learn how to use the emergency SOS feature on your iPhone now. Do not wait until you’re in an emergency to learn. You may not have cell service to “google it” in the moment. And 911 might be unavailable or overloaded.

Here’s how Apple Emergency SOS worked for one family in the Hawaii fire.

Here’s how Apple Emergency SOS works:

Android Emergency SOS

This works for Android 12 and later.

To turn on:

  • Settings app
  • Safety & emergency > Emergency SOS
  • Start setup (bottom right)
  • Follow the prompts to turn on/off the features you want
  • Tap Done

To use, press the power button on your phone 5 times.

Explore more emergency features on Android.1

Set emergency contacts (and other information)

On iPhone:2

  1. Health app > your profile icon
  2. Tap Medical ID
  3. Tap Edit > scroll to Emergency Contacts
  4. Use the red and green circles to add or delete

While you’re here, update your other Medical ID information.

On Android:

  1. Settings app
  2. Search for Medical Information
  3. Tap Emergency contacts
  4. Tap Add
  1. How to set up and and use your phone’s emergency features (ZDNET) ↩︎

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