Medical representative

Considerations when choosing a medical representative:

  • Are they over 18?
  • Is it important to you that they be physically present with you, to assess your situation and to communicate with medical care providers? If so, choose someone local or someone who can easily get to (and stay with) you.
  • Are they someone you can talk to beforehand about illness, end of life, and death?
  • Are you confident they will have your best interests at heart?
  • Do you trust they will carry out your wishes as you specify?
  • Can they remain levelheaded in stressful situations?
  • Do they have the fortitude to act as your advocate, to communicate your wishes clearly, ask questions, and speak up even when it might be uncomfortable?
  • Do you trust them to have access to your medical and health information?

What happens if I don’t have a medical representative?

Doctors will likely turn to your family, friends or even a judge.

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