Get things legalized

This step may take some time and money, but you’ve done the hard work already by preparing your everything file.

Having an everything file is not enough. Much of the information should be legalized.

We are not lawyers or experts so nothing below (or on this site) is legal advice. It is what we’ve learned from our personal experience only.

You may need a will and/or living trust in the case of your passing. You may also need other legal documents before your passing, such as an advance directive or power of attorney. We can’t say. Guardians, for example, must be named in a will. Distribution of your assets, might be done best through a will or a trust; it depends on your situation.

The point is, there is no one-size-fits-all solution here. Many start with a will. Others should get help from an estate attorney.

Can you get a will for free? Yes, in some simple cases.

A reputable estate attorney in your state will be able to direct you through the process and will know which legal documents are best suited for you. In our experience, the best way to find a good estate attorney is through word of mouth. Tip: reach out to people in your community who demonstrate sound financial judgement. Ask them for recommendations.

When you meet with your estate attorney, bring your everything file. We trust it will come in very handy.

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