End-of-life service

Who will be the point person for your end-of-life service?

What type of service do you want? This may depend on what you choose to do with your remains.

  • Wake, viewing, visitation
  • Open casket funeral
  • Closed casket funeral
  • Memorial service
  • Graveside service
  • Celebration of life service
  • Military ceremony or elements
  • Ashes scattering

Is there anything you want included in the service?

  • Speaker(s)
  • Music, songs
  • Readings
  • Pallbearers
  • Reading of your obituary
  • Religious, spiritual or cultural traditions
  • Other requests

How should flowers or gifts be handled? Do you prefer donations to any organizations in lieu of flowers? If so, consider providing the charity’s name, address and EIN (should be listed on any statements you have from them).

Where do you want the service to be held?

How do you want your end-of-life service to be announced to loved ones & friends (email, newspaper obituary, social media, phone calls, etc.)?

Have any preparations or payments been made ahead of time? If so, provide details.

How should your end-of-life service expenses be paid? Instructions to access your emergency fund may be helpful.

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