Digital representative

If you store anything digitally, you have a digital estate.

Examples of things in your digital estate are digital accounts, social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.), websites, usernames & passwords, digital photos & videos, files on your computer, data on your devices, etc.1

These things need to be handled after you pass away. Typically the executor of your will or estate will handle this, but you can appoint someone separately for this task.

Your digital representative, sometimes referred to as a digital executor may do things like:

  • Distribute your digital assets to beneficiaries
  • Access, download and backup your digital accounts, assets and devices
  • Access, download and backup your electronic communications
  • Delete computer and device files and information

Choose someone with some tech savvy to manage your digital estate if you are unable to or pass away. This may be your spouse but doesn’t have to be.

A digital executor can be named in your will.

Without plans for your digital accounts, your identity can be stolen.

  1. Why You Need a ‘Digital Executor’ (Lifehacker)

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