Your remains

When you pass away, how do you want your remains to be handled? If you donate your organs, brain or … Read more

Emergency fund

Having an emergency fund is standard advice in the personal finance world. No doubt it will fulfill its purpose if … Read more

Financial accounts

Hopefully you have already designated beneficiaries on your important financial accounts. Now it’s time to make a one-stop list of … Read more

Financial representative

There are several types of financial representatives. For example: The financial representatives listed above must be legally established through the … Read more

Property access & security

If something happens to you, your loved ones should secure your property including your main residence, vehicle, business, etc. Provide … Read more

Emergency contacts

Emergency situations can be chaotic and overwhelming. The more decisions you can put on autopilot, the better. Who should be … Read more

Medical representative

Considerations when choosing a medical representative: What happens if I don’t have a medical representative? Doctors will likely turn to … Read more

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