Got an everything file?

An everything file is a cheat sheet for your loved ones, just in case.

What if something unexpected happened to you today?

Would your loved ones know how to find your important information? Care for your kids or pets? Handle your responsibilities? Would they know your medical preferences? Your wishes?

Don’t burden them with guessing, gift them with a cheat sheet.

Make an everything file.

Not sure where to start? Sound overwhelming?

Don’t worry! We’ll help you build your everything file effortlessly, one tiny-bite email at a time. For free. Read on…

How it works


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Answer the prompts & save them in a safe spot—your everything file!


Tell a trusted loved one where to find your everything file, just in case.

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Is my everything file a legal document?
No. However, it’s helpful if you need legal documents (will, living trust or living will, etc.) because your information will already be gathered and organized.

Where do I answer the prompts & store my everything file?
Are you a pen & paper type? Handwrite your answers on looseleaf paper or in a simple notebook. Or, use our fill-in-the-blank printables (links provided in the emails). Then save in a box, drawer or filing cabinet.

Do you prefer keeping things digital? Copy & paste the email prompts into a digital file, then answer and save. Either way, pick a safe yet accessible spot.

How many emails are you going to send me?
The first week, one email per day to get some quick wins under your belt. Starting the second week, we’ll send one email per week.

What are the emails like?
Tiny. Doable. Here’s a sample.