Got an everything file?

An everything file is a cheat sheet for your loved ones, just in case.

What if something unexpected happened to you today?

Would your loved ones know how to find your important information? Care for your kids or pets? Handle your responsibilities? Would they know your medical preferences? Your wishes?Don’t burden them with guessing, gift them with a cheat sheet.Make an everything file.

Your everything file is a gift to your loved ones.

Not sure where to start?

How it works


Click the image below to get my free PDF checklist + notes.


Complete the list items. Save in a safe spot—your everything file!


Tell a trusted loved one where to find your everything file.

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Click the image to download my free checklist + notes.

Everything File Quick Start Checklist


Are you an estate attorney?
No, I’m not an attorney nor a financial professional so none of what I say is legal or financial advice. I’m just a regular girl who spent months researching this topic for our personal situation. Along the way, I encountered many really sad stories about families who suffered greatly (on top of their grief) because deceased loved ones didn’t have end-of-life things in order. I figured my checklist might be helpful to others. Your personal situation may be different so do your own research, but I hope the checklist will at least give you a starting point.
Is this a fill-in-the-blank printable?
No, the printable is a simple checklist with my notes. It does not have space to fill in your own information. Simply grab a piece of paper or open a doc on your computer and write. Either way, pick a safe yet accessible spot to save it.
Is my everything file a legal document?
No. However, it’s helpful if you need legal documents (will, living trust or living will, etc.) because your information will already be gathered and organized.
What are the tasks like?
Doable. Each task on the list comes with about a paragraph of explanation to help along with some links to other helpful resources I’ve found.

Not legal or financial advice. For educational purposes only.